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Family and Professional Resources

Midwest Center for Youth & Families has been providing residential treatment services since 1997. Our history lends to our reputation as a knowledgeable, experienced partner in treating and serving children and their families. We are available to families and referral sources alike to provide consultation, information and assistance regarding residential treatment.

If you do not find the answers to your questions here, or if you would like to consult with a knowledgeable treatment professional about your child’s specific needs, please don’t hesitate to call us at 888-629-3471. We’re here to offer any assistance that we can.

Family Resources

To assist families in learning more about residential treatment and how to choose the right treatment program for your child, we’ve created a Toolkit for Parents that you can download below. We also offer a DBT for Parents curriculum that is designed to help families learn how DBT can help target your child’s issues.

Learn about our DBT for Parents curriculum, download our Parents’ Toolkit or read more about our Resources for Families.

Travel Resources

Our unique residential DBT program draws referrals from across the United States. Find resources to help you plan your trip for treatment, visitation or family therapy.

Take the First Step

Find out how Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) at Midwest Center for Youth & Families can help your child find hope and healing. Call 888-629-3471 for a no-cost, confidential assessment. If you or your loved one need immediate medical assistance, contact 911 or seek the nearest emergency room.